Horton Scholarships: Rewarding Service and Academics

nieves horton scholarship

nieves horton scholarship
Some years ago, Harry Horton — class of 1922 — bequeathed $250,000 to the Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation. This was dedicated for tuition and lodging by Beta Charge brothers with financial need. Through the efforts of interested Theta Delta Chi alumni, these funds have been kept in a separate account and invested alongside the endowment of the Educational Foundation of Theta Delta Chi’s Grand Lodge. The SAF and the Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation, both 501(c)(3) organizations, have teamed together to provide meaningful scholarships given to undergraduates every semester.

Beginning in 2008, SAF has followed the format that Theta Delta Chi uses for its own scholarship program, which includes a publicly offered website application form to identify candidates. Scholarships are awarded based on consideration of weighted factors for service to the community, academic scholarship, and need.

The most recent application form can be found below:

2018 Horton Scholarship Application